Zoomer for Boomer’s


We are having way too much fun here in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the business of owing a bed and breakfast does not feel like work at all. Starting in May 2014 we welcomed our  first guest to the b&b. Since that time we have met many very interesting people, many traveling from Canada, USA, Mexico, and Europe.

As part of a  fundraiser for the RedRoof Retreat, we opened our home up to friends and family, allowing us to show everyone about our business.

Timing was also just right, we  became the subject of a news magazine article in Zoomer Magazine about our b&b. We wish to say thanks to  Judith Gerstel and Michael Crisolago for your article and interest in our b & b.

Ed and Demi

The following is from  May 2014‘Zoomer Magazine’ 


Also check out the website of Travel Dr. Mark Wise


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