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Aug’ 2014


Welcome to demi’s place and welcome to My Garden, the above picture is of the garden from last summer, and below is a picture of the garden today.


Feb’ 27th 2015

Today the garden is still  frozen . . . completely covered in snow,   it’s not quite spring yet, and we still have a few more weeks of winter left. The way this winter has gone, most of us have had enough of winter.  At The Falls this week the beauty of Niagara is  just amazing with the mist and spray from the cold drifting winds  spraying nearby ornamental walls, lamp posts, trees and buildings creating lovely ice sculptures. On bright  clear days when the sky is blue and the snow is so white, these ice sculptures turn into natural art.  Hopefully you get a chance to see the Falls this way and take pictures before it all melts away.  Because once March rolls around we should get a chance to get outside and enjoy warmer weather. For now I will settle for remembering last summer and dreaming of the garden all green and the flowerbeds full of color. I will start planting seeds in the house and then transplant them outdoors.

 Extreme cold temperatures have frozen a portion of  Niagara Falls,


For more pictures, visit

(below) Herbs . . . basil

                                       . . .  mint

                                                  . . . arugula

                                                                   . . . parsley

  that I have started in my little greenhouse (a Christmas gift from my son)


The niagara region is rich with fruit and vegetables.   When preparing  breakfast for our guest we try to get as much as we can that is grown from our garden or locally from the farms. We love using  fresh herbs like basil, chives, and mint. Vegetables like arugula, asparagus, and zucchini in our frittatas, and tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms in  eggs.

Starting in May visit the

The Market @ The Village

  Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm


The SupperMarket @ The Village

 Wednesday evenings  5 pm to 9 pm (to dusk)


Serving customers delicious local fruits and vegetables, baked goods, honey, granola, pig roasts, and more!
In response to a growing community interest in buying local produce and supporting local farmers, The Farmers’ Market @ The Village was established in 2007. Now in its eighth season, the Market has become a wonderful gathering place for locals and visitors alike. In keeping with the original vision, the Market’s vendors originate from the Niagara Region, and all produce is 100% Niagara grown.


111 Garrison Village Drive, Niagara-on-the-Lake
At the Corner of Niagara Stone Road (Hwy 55) & Niven Road (beside CIBC and Shoppers Drug Mart)
Excerpts taken from   The Village  Niagara-on-the-Lake    /

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