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Win…A One-Night Stay

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“Mother’s are the best”




Enter for a chance to win… A One-Night Stay at demi’s place b&b



Mother’s Day Contest


A gift from us to you.

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Enter on our facebook page

for a chance to Win …

… A One-Night Stay at demi’s place b&b. Tell us “How did your Mom have an impact on your life?”


 At demi’s place we want to celebrate all mothers for Mother’s Day. Enter in the Comments section on our Facebook page for a Publication1chance to win A One-Night Stay at demi’s place b&b. Tell us “How did your Mom have an impact on your life?”    LIKE and SHARE with your friends and tell them to enter for a chance to win too. . . write a short 25 words or less tribute to your mom or tell a funny story or just describe your mom. Also include a picture to share and we’ll post it too. It’s that simple.  Look for the winning entry to be posted on Mother’s Day We will then get in touch with  you and personalized the  Gift Certificate which can be redeemed at your  convenience             for a one night stay at  ‘demi’s place b&b’

…please keep sharing…

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         (just a bit of Mother humor for you)
 Mother: The woman that expelled you from her uterus, and/or adopted you from a remote village.
  AKA: Mom, Mum, Mommy, Mummy, Mama, Ma, Mamoshka...
Other mothers
  Godmother: Possibly a mafia matriarch. Generally a solid source of candy.
  Stepmother: Traditionally evil. Sometimes your age.
  Mother-in-law: Occasionally delightful. Usually a pain in the ass.Mother’s day is celebrated in over 110 countries in May.One day out of 365 seems entirely reasonable for the woman who fed, clothed, raised you, wiped your bottom, beat up your bullies, bought you a Nintendo, took you to ballet and consoled you after heartbreak, right.                                                                                                                         Mother Nature: No matter how hard we try to kill her, she just keeps coming back.
  Mommy dearest: Our one true love, according to Sigmund. Forget the shrinks, we love you Mom, for real.

  ♥             ♥             ♥            ♥             ♥

This is how you enter to win . . .

2.  LIKE – our page.
3.  SHARE – our page, with your family and friends.
4.  COMMENT  – on our page, this is where you can get as creative as you like, tell us why your mom is so special. (25 words or less). You can include a photo too.
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Check back on our facebook page
Mother’s Day, May 10th
to see who the lucky winner is.    (Please only one entry per family)
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If you are new to our blog, than welcome to demi’s place,
get acquainted with us,  by checking out our virtual video,
read some of the comments from our guest,  and view our website
and if you still have questions  give us a call
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Send us a message and we’ll get back to you:



'demi's place’ is an elegant and spacious bed & breakfast located in the "Historical District" 3 blocks from the old town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, offering 'Something for Everyone - Qualcosa per tutti' For more information on our b&b check our web site at

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